Knife sheath – belt loop placement

Quick little remark about attaching a knife to the belt.

I believe that it will be much safe to place a loop for passing a belt, there blue marking lays, not red.

knife sheath attachment belt loop placement


Trauma shears/scissors pocket/sheath with magazine pouch

Little and humble concept (with prototype in the same entry) – implementing pocket (sheath) for trauma shears into the magazine pouch. Pictures worth a hundred words, pouch assembled:

trauma shears-scissors pocket-sheath with magazine pouch

trauma shears-scissors pocket-sheath with magazine pouch

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outdoor emergency survival sheath pouch

What are survival essentials? Meaning outdoor survival, or s.e.r.e., or escape-and-evade situation, name that.
Of course, that’s knife. Cut anything, make something, cook… wait. Cook?
Second essential is cup. To boil water, cook dish, forage something.

Copy (1) of seresheath

Any method to own both knife and cup – all-in-one? Are you kidding? Keep eyes open and meet SEREsheath.

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