Angled PALs adapter… er, attachment prototype

Well, angled adapter requires much more materials and work, than it seemes from perfunctory view. It must include internal stiffener (plastic piece), and frontal and rear sides must be glued together, not only sewn align the perimeter. So it will be finished later (read – nearly never).

As my primary object was portable radio with protruding antenna, trying to poke owner’s eye, first prototype is radio pouch.

angled PALs attachment radio pouch

Pouch has a flap, which is not necessary, but it has not – yet – a fastener for this flap.

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Angled PALs adapter

Have a little time to sew, and even lost access to source ob better-looking photos. So – drawings.

Some gear is better placed not straight but with angle. For example, radios in order not to poke a user’s eye. Or some belongings placed in the way to use them really high speed (and maybe low drag) – hmmm, smoke pouch placed angled upside down ninja-operator style on the side of a pack thus conserving space on the load-bearing equipment.

I cant remember similiar solution from any manufacturer, but I believe somebody (DownRange Gear?) made 90 degrees angle adapter.

angled PALs adapter

Green stripes are modular attachment, PALs.

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Independent micro chest rig attachment with binoculars harness

Some micro chest rigs are capable to attach directly to backpacks’ straps with lilltle adapters. For example, Civilian Lab Ventrapack, 5.11 VTAC Chest Rig, Shellback Go Time Chest Rig, and others.

Speaking further about chest rigs attaching to backpack’s straps’, there is a temptation to attach them directly on user’s body AND drive straps throught the back, not using the neck strap. Only one obstacle is present – usual harnesses are made with four upper attachments for buckles, while those micro chest rigs have only two (some of them).

Now this is a solution – binoculars harness:

binocular harness micro chest rig attachment

It has two attachments for upper buckles, lower buckles are still used for strap belt.

What is the point ot using such a configuration? You can use chest rig on the go with loaded pack on your back, and use it solely then bearing light load. And harness never interfere with pack’s straps.


Update with derivative concepts:

Binoculars (chest rig) harness concept – Upper Torso Connection [binoculars], UTC-B

Mini/ micro chest rig harness concept – Upper Torso Connection [light], UTC-L