Auxiliary Versatile Remora Bag, AVR bag – prototype

Behold! Perhaps the longest my journey from idea to prototype, this bag was nearly completely developed in my mind more than two years ago. And due to my lazyness and other negative traits, it took a 4-5 months even to make a pre-alpha version.

In a few words, it is:
– an additional space;
– located outside the main backpack;
– easily and fast accessible.

Easily recognizable similarity with M3 medic bag is supplemented with concept of medical side pocket for Bergen backpack. Can also be mentioned Eagle AIII additional pockets.

So, assebled it looks like just a shoulder bag.

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High-visible universal beavertail for AUX pack

For outdoor activities “beaver tail”, or transport panel, is sure a must-have accessory for outdoor packs. I decided to make completely removable beavertail with mesh bucket placed entirely on the tail, i.e. not connected to the main pack.

13.7 cm between bottom straps, to be connected either to 4 or 5 PALs cells.

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