Utility (not tactical) apron – my approach

Utility (not tactical) apron – my approach

Disclaimer! Any Soviet, Communist and related symbols shown in my blog are ONLY for tribute to my native country and NOT for support any current leftist or socialist movement. Thanks for reading and undestanding this.

I’ve seen many “tactical”, grilling and work aprons. As usual, I was not satisfied with any one from them so decided to make own concept.

The problem was – I personally do not need any pesky aprons! The prototype is for another person, partially gift, partially testing. Luckily his preferences are known by me.

What’s the difference?

First and foremost, my design is suitable for changing posture – sitting and crouching. Note the center fold (haha, no pun intended, but… but). Below it is more noticeable.

And other details:

– interconnection with 4-point chestrig harnesses as UTC-L

– slanted pockets (remember ACU clothing?)

– reinforced belt area with loops for hammer and other tools

– “soft hooks” DTMF‘s for attachment plackard in the place of sporran


I’m waiting for feedback, maybe pattern will change dractically.

2 thoughts on “Utility (not tactical) apron – my approach

  1. Hmmm. Slant seems wrong. Normal slant is higher in the midline of body and lower near hands – was This intentional? I like propper brand pants for this feature – very easy to slide hand inside when in awkward positions.

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    • Hi, Jim, thanks for noticing this.
      Yes, that design was deliberate focus on using the pockets while sitting. Look at this as at cargo pocket on ACU uniform – “forward tilted cargo pocket for easy access while sitting, kneeling or standing”.
      Still in doubt why I made them flat though.


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