Admin pouch with paracord PALs and rigid inner flaps

We learn from failures more, than from successes. Recently I made an “admin” or possibles pouch, which supposed to be brilliant, but ended ahem barely capable.

My initial idea was to construct a narrow and thin pouch, fitting the upper staps on front of plate carrier, or any confined surface.

Narrow design means making height as minimal as possible, three inches with very little excess. So on the back I put non-standard PALs.

Initial dimensions (before cutting corners) is 9*18 cm, I giggled a little, because Makarow.

Thin design means no bulky fasteners, even zippers. So I made flaps for the inner pocket, holding shut with the rigidity of inner strap. Looks ugly, but it is compact and works for light items as notepad.

Actually, if pouch is attached horisontally, there is close to no load on inner flaps, because they are placed on the sides.

It is obvious from the pics, that side detail is essentially zipper. It is big mistake, due to lazyness. Binding is too close to zipper teeth. But surprisingly zipper is so smooth that it works normally, and binding even makes good work sealing the interior of the pouch.

Not clearly seen, but loop surface comes under binding. It is big mistake, because it adds rigidity in the place there not needed.

Stitching is dirty, I’m still figuring why. One thread from China ir really good, but another is a potential troublemaker.

Currently I use this pouch on the backpack’s strap, laced to strap with cord, for storing phone (oldschool, with buttons and no sensor) and temporary pieces, shopping list, to say. Serves good so far.

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