Above the waistline warbelt setup

Currently doing nothing but playing around some weird deviant concepts of loadouts.

above waistline warbelt setup

To make and old-school ammunition belt with modern modular pieces of gear.

Single vulnerable D-ring can be replaced with adapter as Maxped D-pouch, but it increases overall cost of solution. Would be better to replace it with paracord loop or two.

Attaching modular belt to big (or medium) backpack

It can be seen as obvious solution, but I searched it for years and found by revelation (afflatus).

The point is to attach modular (molle) belt to raid pack and disconnect it within minute – it is not an emergency dropping, but a change of pack configuration. For example, you arrive to the base camp, leave big pack there and go around with daypack and pouches on belt. Certainly, it’s not a combat solution (but it depends).

The bad approach is to dismount pouches from the one (left, to say) side of belt, tuck belt under the pack’s waist pad, then install pouches again. When disconnecting, dismount pouches, pull belt from under the waist pad, install pouches again.

The quick approach is:

– when connecting, pull inner belt from under the side sleeve and rear sleeve of outer belt;

– tuck inner belt under the pack’s waist pad;

– run inner belt into the side sleeve (bypassing the rear sleeve of outer belt)

– when disconnecting, pull inner belt from under the side sleeve and waist pad;

– run inner belt into the side sleeve and rear sleeve of outer belt.

No dismounting of pouches. Only requirement is to keep rear portion of sleeve free of pouches.

Here’s a grafical explanation:

belt with backpackTri-glides are applicable only for belts with free end, as riggers, not with release buckles.

Belt pouch to PALs surface attachment adapter

Few weeks i played with an idea of a method of connecting a heritage legacy belt pouches (including holsters) to modern modular equipment. And yesterday, oh gods, i saw a post on JTT about Jimmy Tarp’s PALS Adapter. Freaking late, but here’s mine version:

belt molle adapter

Pouch is installed, and side PALS are folded down, then the whole structure is connected to rig (pack) with separate rigid clips.


Oh, nearly forgot. Belt section height (i.e. belt width) can be 38-55 mm.

Update 2 (10 April)

Modular surface is preferable to be continuous line-by-line, MALICE type, with no gaps between the straps. Luckily, this feature is frequently found on modular belts.