DIY medical mask – fight covid-19 with vintage style

With the very best wishes from Sovet Civil Defence 😉

Cloud-looking material in the center – cotton wool.

Can be washed, ironed and re-used.

diy medical mask

Again, sorry for long not posting. Sure wait for some news.

Flat IFAK concept modification – PROTOTYPE

Concept of flat IFAK by SO Tech is great, but I want to add one more cherry on the cake.

flat ifak pouch back pocket trauma shears

Work is not finished, no snapbutton, no tray, but the main point is obvious.

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Trauma shears/scissors pocket/sheath with magazine pouch

Little and humble concept (with prototype in the same entry) – implementing pocket (sheath) for trauma shears into the magazine pouch. Pictures worth a hundred words, pouch assembled:

trauma shears-scissors pocket-sheath with magazine pouch

trauma shears-scissors pocket-sheath with magazine pouch

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