Inner pocket insert organizer – Quick Readiness Insert, QRI

Developing some methods to carry your belongings convenient and compact, you can not miss the concept of pocket organizers. They are numerous, but they still make the pocket saggу and bulging. Here is a concept of slender organiser – just with a metal clip (o, and some sort of chain or string between clip and insert-organizer) what attaches it to a pants’ belt:


Insert to not drop into pocket’s bottom, and is hanging adjacently. Organizer used can be of any kind, clamshell or panel.

A4 bag concealed carry – Utility Slot Bag, USB

Concept of this bag starts from the need to accommodate A4 paper documents. Then, vertical orientation is comfortable to wear in cramped conditions – public transport, passageways etc.

Then, concealed carry. Or carrying various random and temporary items. Or putting some gear you currently work with. It is a space between two closed compartments.

A4 CCW Utility Slot Bag USB

On the sketch: A – front compartment, B – utility slot, C – rear compartment.  Continue reading

Belt bag / pouch from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game – models & sizes line-up

Famous or well-known or maybe recent first-person shooter video game “S.T.A.L.K.E.R.” presented us not only obsessive cosplayers with AK’s in tarpaulin outfits, but easy recognizable accessory – “stalker’s” belt bag.


Speaking about its origin – it is obviously leading from generic gasmask pouch with fastex closure. Now this design became independent and self-sufficient. Russian gearmaker SТЕРАN1983 even wondered if game company do not sell real copies of this bag for profit 🙂 I have an idea to go even further, hehe.  Continue reading

Spare everyday warmwear fleece vest

Spare everyday warmwear fleece vest

Weather… weather always changes. From summer to winter, and even from morning to evening. To feel comfortable, individual need to adjust his clothing. Layering is the key. So in urban environment individual leaves home at the morning, with warm lacket on, and later.. what? need to hide woobie into the bag, pack, or trunk. To make it easier, it would be wise to make warm layer light and compact. And even cut the sleeves. Meet vest.

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