“Green Zone syndrome” and other gear considerations

Six years ago I had read a short article which gave me immediate and complete answer to all my confusions about modern (to date and later) load-bearing gear novelties.

Over the past 7 years (so the period discussed is 2008-2015 – translator’s remark), among the PMCs and generally among foreign military personnel, widely spread one sickness. It is called just “Green Zone syndrome”. What is it?

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Tacticool checklist

Compiled just for fun; to be updated.

Checklist below describes not an issued gear for a certain MOS, but “common/generic warfighting” equipment, to say, mercenary/contractor from “first world” country, armed with carbine and handgun, for the summer or transition season, for a task full day (or more) length.
List is intentionally redundant and allows duplications – final choice is up to end user.
List contains as much fancy and tacticool stuff as possible.

tacticool cheburashka

part 1 – clothing and accessories

uniform (trousers and shirt/ fleece/ softshell)
underpants, t-shirt, socks
boonie hat with paracord daisy chain or baseball cap with velcro, “cat (wolf) eyes”
buff or net scarf, or bandanna/cravat/Do-Rag, or shemagh
riggers belt, belt keepers
dog tags
wrist band
paracord bracelet
zipper runner with handcuff key
waterproof wallet

part 2 – equipment

upper arm band for mobile phone, ID’s and so on
lower arm band for map, memo’s, POI cards and so on
admin/map kneeboard
load bearing gear suitable to pair with backpack, magazine and grenade pouches, FASTMag’s/ MC-R/ OPFOR magazine carriers, dump pouch, ‘loop anywhere’

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