Chest rig modification concept – weight on sides

Let me speak from my heart. I have a dumb hobby (honestly; and not only that one) of making gear setups just imaginary, not making it real. Sometimes it is for learning purposes, frequently for geardo reasons, rarely to give an advice. Currently it is just that case.

Some regular guy need a load-bearing solution:
– compact to fit loaded in weapons’ safe
– distributing weight less front and more sides (sure, he is aware of PT importance)
– spacious enough to fit 2 or 4 AK 30-seat mags, trauma kit, radio, multitool, light, knife, gloves, weapon license

So I ended surfing some far-eastern online shop and stealing products’ photos from there.

Core of the concept is the mk3/mk4 chest rig from Spiritus Systems, or its blatant copy.

Instead of magasine insert we need to put a plug in primary slot to make it not a mag pouch but an admin pouch.

Secondary slot can be the same, or divided by two with two short plugs. Or it can be fitted with pistol inserts, or pistol inserts with short zipper covers. Not a groundbreaking choice. Even trauma kit can go here.


On the sides of a rig is a place to put two fast-ditch cummerband adapters, which allow fast putting on.

Hook&loop side goes into the rig, and molle side goes on the back of two magazine pouches. They can be any type you prefer. This way magazines’ weight go on sides, maybe not 9 and 3 way, but at least 10 and 2.

Upper and lower side-release buckles are attached to magasine pouches on the back, sitting on the vertical weavable strap. Or even with paracord or bootlace.

Harness is the same that goes with mk3/mk4, or any you want.

2 thoughts on “Chest rig modification concept – weight on sides

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