Poor man’s spanish tab

Poor man’s spanish tab

Some busy time, so no new gear, but I want to share my old piece.

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APRS – adaptive position rapid sling PROTOTYPE

Here is a poor executed prototype of APRS, with sh!t-spec hardware and trash-level straps, but it decently serves as overall prove of APRS concept.

adaptive position rapid sling

The prototype sling is not nearly as rapid as its name stands, but it is still adaptive. The supposed stand-alone sling with loop ends is connected with male fastex in the front, and rear adapter in the rear, obviously. Continue reading

SPLIT, shotgun [ammunition] pouch [with] loadable integrated tray – SECOND PROTOTYPE

I modified previous concept of shotgun ammo pouch a little and moved to more traditional design with horizontally oriented tray and vertically oriented shells. Prototype with vertical tray and horizontal shells was less protected from weather and dirt, than I prefer.

split shotgun pouch integrated loadable tray closed

Now the outer pouch is solid box structure with foldable lid and velcro on frontal surface. Note: pouch fastener is not installed yet, and new pouch is NOT fastened with velcro (frontal side of lid and frontal wall of pouch are not sticked together) due to the noise discipline reasons.

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Angled PALs adapter… er, attachment prototype

Well, angled adapter requires much more materials and work, than it seemes from perfunctory view. It must include internal stiffener (plastic piece), and frontal and rear sides must be glued together, not only sewn align the perimeter. So it will be finished later (read – nearly never).

As my primary object was portable radio with protruding antenna, trying to poke owner’s eye, first prototype is radio pouch.

angled PALs attachment radio pouch

Pouch has a flap, which is not necessary, but it has not – yet – a fastener for this flap.

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