Spare everyday warmwear fleece vest

Spare everyday warmwear fleece vest

Weather… weather always changes. From summer to winter, and even from morning to evening. To feel comfortable, individual need to adjust his clothing. Layering is the key. So in urban environment individual leaves home at the morning, with warm lacket on, and later.. what? need to hide woobie into the bag, pack, or trunk. To make it easier, it would be wise to make warm layer light and compact. And even cut the sleeves. Meet vest.

What’s the idea?
Light and compact warm layer fit to EDC bag. Middle layer, rarely outer.

What’s the difference?
Strictly clothing. No pockets, no enforcements, no bells and whistles.

What’s the profit?
Mmm, eh… health and ability.

Long tail. To keep kidneys.
Collar. To keep throat.
Fleece. To breath.
Zipper. To dress fast.

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