Compact scalable all-round backpack – AUX pack

Several months I hesitated to make my dream pack for EDC and outdoor. But the time had come, and here is my very own concept – AUX pack.

Think about it as “military beavertail pack without beavertail” (Eagle Yote, Blackhawk Cyane). Tough, compact, able to be upgraded with beavertail and side pockets.

My wordpress blog was not working well, so I made a post in bookface group “The Perfect Pack” before posting a blog entry. I’ll copy it contents here to make it easy and fast.

1. Have to admit, I’m an abuser. Relating to packs, for sure. My pack must be able to deal with concrete pieces, broken twigs, rusted metal surfaces and so on. Chock-full of metal tools, radio gear, weapon-related and leisure related stuff. Why lie, I like the concept of GoRuck products – overbuilt box-shaped pack.
2. But hell, not overpriced, as GR. My pack could be duplicated (or… triplificated?), and price tag over 50-70 dollars is a no-go. I’ll appreciate something like Jansport/Kanken, but masculine (muted colors, double stitched and with reasonable straps, at least).
3. I like the body of Eagle Yote, Blackhawk Cyane – just remove the beavertail and PALs, and compact EDC pack is ready.
4. But the base of a pack, back and straps, should be another. Friendly for the clothing, conveniently sitting on a body, sturdy and tough.
5. I want clear non-descript look (heh, “non-tactical”). Just because it’s better in the crowd. Also I want to upgrade pack with a beavertail and side pockets – as easy and fast as buckle click.

So, I took 600 den rip-stop oxford cloth and made a (barely) 14 liters pack with military-inspired features as handle, cable ports, side attachments, detachable straps. Back pads are covered with seatbelt strap. I cut two front pockets, because I don’t like single slash pocket with horisontal or angled zipper – it’s boring, and I want a signature look to celebrate my ingenuity (and modesty). Tasks – light EDC, one-day travel, half-day outdoor walks, go bag, emergency kit. No laptops, no tablets, but two-way radio possibly – hence cable ports. Pack is 46*26*11 cm, I’m 5’9″ and 145 lbs (not small, concentrated). On “worn” pictire it is shown filled to the brim to the degree that makes it uncomfortable with simple straps, sure full-scale straps improve that – to be made later.

Current prototype is sort of pre-alpha version, because of many improvements to be done, mostly inner organisation-wise. Top inner strap loops are made to be compatible with hydrators (never used them but option is nice), A19 Matroskya, Tom Bihn Rails, TAD anchor points – mine usage will include clipping knives, flashlights and keys here, and perhaps wide admin pouches.


These hideable strap-hooks have been seen in Maxpedition Tac-ties, and some military products long before 2021 year. I’ve even designed my own attachment method, where hook strap came forth and then back and was anchored in tri-glide. Imagine my surprise when I had seen this hook in the products of Sarma Custom and later Agilite coming just forth through buckle. It inspired me to try it by myself, and it works so far. Sure thickness and rigidity of strap used seriously matters. With these hooks pack could be upgraded with beaver-tail, side pockets and whatnot, not made yet.


These lower attachment points for knives and pouches are somewhat higher than need to be, but still handy.

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