Update – above the waistline warbelt setup

One is less reliable, two are more reliable. So – just run two straps on adapter to two D-rings on each side:

above the waistline warbelt setup

To clarify it, I’m worrying more about reliability of clips on pouch, than the durability of D-rings.

Above the waistline warbelt setup

Currently doing nothing but playing around some weird deviant concepts of loadouts.

above waistline warbelt setup

To make and old-school ammunition belt with modern modular pieces of gear.

Single vulnerable D-ring can be replaced with adapter as Maxped D-pouch, but it increases overall cost of solution. Would be better to replace it with paracord loop or two.

SPLIT, shotgun [ammunition] pouch [with] loadable integrated tray – SECOND PROTOTYPE

I modified previous concept of shotgun ammo pouch a little and moved to more traditional design with horizontally oriented tray and vertically oriented shells. Prototype with vertical tray and horizontal shells was less protected from weather and dirt, than I prefer.

split shotgun pouch integrated loadable tray closed

Now the outer pouch is solid box structure with foldable lid and velcro on frontal surface. Note: pouch fastener is not installed yet, and new pouch is NOT fastened with velcro (frontal side of lid and frontal wall of pouch are not sticked together) due to the noise discipline reasons.

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Trauma shears/scissors pocket/sheath with magazine pouch

Little and humble concept (with prototype in the same entry) – implementing pocket (sheath) for trauma shears into the magazine pouch. Pictures worth a hundred words, pouch assembled:

trauma shears-scissors pocket-sheath with magazine pouch

trauma shears-scissors pocket-sheath with magazine pouch

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