Parka transforming into sleeping bag – Connectable Tail Clothing-Sleeping System, CTCSS

Some means to join parka and sleeping bag in one already exists and is known as “elefant leg”. But this solution suffer from tightness, as volume of resulting sleeping bag is the same as parka’s. More volume needed, and it is possible with frontal insert, look at the sketch.

parka transformer sleeping bag connectable tail clothing-sleeping system CTCSS

Frontal zipper on parka embed the frontal flap on the “tail” from left and right sides (look A and B). And additional bottom zipper on parka connects with its vis-a-vis around the tail (look C). There is a little detail not shown on sketch, a kind of face cover on top of the flap.

What is the idea?
To join two things in one.

What is the difference?
More inner space.

What is the advantage?
Less overall weight of two things.

What are the disadvantages?
Redundant weight of standalone parka.
Moisture trapped in parka.

Baofeng radio pouch – humidity adversarial accessory radio pouch, HAARP

#DIY #pouch for #baofeng and #Wouxun .

So cheap, so popular, so vulnerable from elements, especially water. If you go cheap with purchase and go outdoors with this HT rig, you have to consider some options about protection your portable radio from harsh weather. Some drawbacks are inevitable.

Why are radios placed in the pouches? To be attached somewhere on the bag, pack or load-carrying gear. What for? To be in the RIGHT place in means of propagation and antennae-specific. To be in quick access to operate them.

With the portable antenna attached directly to HT there is too little chance to protect radio. Thus antenna is obliged to move. Look at the bright red curve on the illustration starting from antenna socket and ending outside the pouch. It is antenna cable. Please put a ferrite on it.

baofeng wouxun pouch humidity adversarial accessory radio pouch haarp logo2

The pouch marked A is closed from top and open from bottom. It is waterproof and even padded if you want.

Pouch has a tail marked B, that is placed on the seas side.

The radio itself sits in the cradle marked C. Screen to body, to be easy to look and to be safe to break. Cradle is open from top and closed from bottom.

Tail B is gone through the gate (buckle) on cradle C, after that cradle C is inserted into pouch A from bottom. Tail is secured on front side with fastex.

Antenna cable is going to the antenna where it (ANT) would be – on the pouch, on the shoulder, on the hat.

Cable to speaker-microphone or headset is gone from radio the same way.

In operation, it is easy to unsecure fastex, let HT slide from pouch, look at HT, slide it into and secure.

Firing shoulder kickoff, FSK, bag attachment pad

Using rifle with shoulder bag may be inconvenient because of opposition between distribution and disposition, i.e. weight distribution and shoulder strap with buttstock disposition. The contradiction is obvious, as operator want to counterpoise bag and rifle, in the same time to place differently buttstock and bag’s shoulder strap.


There is a method to put bag’s strap and bag itself on the same side of a body, just add an attachment pad on the shoulder strap. It consists of two pieces with different parts of fastex on them. Look at the sketch, the bag is simply put on the non-firing side of body, after that strap is crossing the body, every piece of attachment pad (front and rear) is on the another side of body (firing), then fastex is secured and now bag is in place but firing shoulder is clear.

Difference is obvious.

The point is to use shoulder bag and do not interfere with buttstock and sling.

Well, using rifle with shoulder bag is not frequent practice, but if needed, it can be done better.