VAC, versatile attachment cell

VAC, versatile attachment cell

The necessity for a method to attach standard buckles for a PALs platform is obvious to me. So I’ve played with an idea to combine G-hook and T-shape adapter in one accessory unit.

Sorry for crappy pics, as usual.

versatile_attachment_cell vac

Simply put, it is a wrapper around PALs loop, which is fastened with DTMF closure.

For clarity, I marked the DTMF hook with red.

versatile_attachment_cell vac

In the upper part a rectangular loop to fasten the hook is located. I’ve marked it with blue.

versatile_attachment_cell vac

So the whole adapter is made from a piece of inch-wide strap and a plastic loop.

versatile_attachment_cell vac

versatile_attachment_cell vac

Buckles can be put in -t-w-o- three ways: bottom, side and either. VAC adapter can be fastened upside down, so any direction is possible.

versatile_attachment_cell vac

Sadly, I have no access to a sewing machine currently. So I’m looking forward to make a prototype lately, when snow will lay.


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