Another pouch attachment system

Recently new attachment system from PocketUp emerged and kickstarted my thinking about another method of pouch attachment.

Frankly, I do not trust hook&loop fastener enough to relay on it at outer pouch attachment. But I like very much “soft hook” DTMF and put it in any niche I can.

So behold, the nameless yet pouch attachment system with DTMF and sort of daisy chain.

To illustrate the idea, I stole a photo of MagForce product.


To attach pouch to loops, we need a horisontal strap, fastened with DTMF to the loops on pack (marked with orange ovals).

Piece of strap with hook on both ends will do the job.




Such pieces can be pre-sewn on pouch’s back, or attached to pack independently with later attachment of conventional molle-style pouches.

To be honest,I had not done this as prototype and don’t plan to. But great to have this as option in the toolbox.

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