Padded detachable straps – AUX pack update

Padded detachable straps – AUX pack update

I am aware about opinion that only sew-in padded straps give real comfort and stability. To be honest, I like simple seatbelt straps very much and consider them comfortable. But just in case of, say, heavier than usual load, or anything else, full-scale straps are nice to have. Inspired with Vanquest Katara 16 (Javelin 18 also) design, I dared to develop my very own attachment, more sturdy and simple yet still convenient and versatile. And combining the advantages and drawbacks from both variants, he-he.

Below are pictured add-on straps, outer and inner side, with hook surface marked with blue and loop surface marked with green.

Here shown strap end with DTMF attachment. The feature I am proud of – no seams on the padding is turned to side or bottom of strap. Hope it make straps more comfortable.

Pack with no straps, slot marked with red. Note that slot serves not only for straps’ attachment, but also as access for framesheet compartment.

Straps installed, outer side. Note the tails connecting with simple straps are used with padded ones too.

I’ve made an excusable mistake, padding mut be closer to pack. But it is not a big deal, pressure is placed most on the spots covered with padding.



Due to feedback from another makers, I shoot a picture which will make the attachment more clear, I hope. Here shown the (closed) slot and shot tails with “soft hook” DTMF, used previously to connect simple straps.

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