DPSK updated – deft practical small knife, refreshed

Hat tip for Wolf Ops for heads up, and thanks for Silver-Otter workshop for digital paintwork (which is significantly worsened later with my crooked hands).

My idea of DPSK, deft practical small knife, become more definite. As I saw Lone Wolf (Benchmade) Mountainside skinner – it seemed nearly perfect to me. Just angle between blade and handle need to be changed, and axis of handle (blue line) raised above axis of blade (red line). Look at the concept picture.

dpsk deft practical small knife drop-point ridgeback

little and handy – deft practical small knife, DPSK

Size matters. Smaller blade – more convenient fine work.
Shape matters. Different tasks – different blades, and handles too.

Meet DPSK, deft practical small knife. Below is rough sketch in approximate proportions.

deft practical small knife sketch

Purple and green lines show current relative position of blade and handle, while red and blue lines show preferred position.

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