Admin pouch with paracord PALs and rigid inner flaps

We learn from failures more, than from successes. Recently I made an “admin” or possibles pouch, which supposed to be brilliant, but ended ahem barely capable.

My initial idea was to construct a narrow and thin pouch, fitting the upper staps on front of plate carrier, or any confined surface.

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Silent zipper pulls – cord wrapping

Silent zipper pulls – cord wrapping

I’ve seen many examples of wrapping the cord around zipper pulls to make them silent – but it will be really silent, if wrapped from both sides of puller.

The only restraint – cord must be thin enough to come through the hole three times. So 550 cord is inappropriate.


silent zipper pull cord wrap

silent zipper pull cord wrap


Above the waistline warbelt setup

Currently doing nothing but playing around some weird deviant concepts of loadouts.

above waistline warbelt setup

To make and old-school ammunition belt with modern modular pieces of gear.

Single vulnerable D-ring can be replaced with adapter as Maxped D-pouch, but it increases overall cost of solution. Would be better to replace it with paracord loop or two.