Silent zipper pulls – cord wrapping

Silent zipper pulls – cord wrapping

I’ve seen many examples of wrapping the cord around zipper pulls to make them silent – but it will be really silent, if wrapped from both sides of puller.

The only restraint – cord must be thin enough to come through the hole three times. So 550 cord is inappropriate.


silent zipper pull cord wrap

silent zipper pull cord wrap


Update – above the waistline warbelt setup

One is less reliable, two are more reliable. So – just run two straps on adapter to two D-rings on each side:

above the waistline warbelt setup

To clarify it, I’m worrying more about reliability of clips on pouch, than the durability of D-rings.

Above the waistline warbelt setup

Currently doing nothing but playing around some weird deviant concepts of loadouts.

above waistline warbelt setup

To make and old-school ammunition belt with modern modular pieces of gear.

Single vulnerable D-ring can be replaced with adapter as Maxped D-pouch, but it increases overall cost of solution. Would be better to replace it with paracord loop or two.