High-visible universal beavertail for AUX pack

For outdoor activities “beaver tail”, or transport panel, is sure a must-have accessory for outdoor packs. I decided to make completely removable beavertail with mesh bucket placed entirely on the tail, i.e. not connected to the main pack.

13.7 cm between bottom straps, to be connected either to 4 or 5 PALs cells.

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Awful confusion

Just on that week i see (here at Loaded Pockets review), that my concept Beaver tail / transporter tail – back pack upgrade already exists and marketed by Mystery Ranch as “Stick-It” and by OV Innovations as Cache (review). I can’t believe it.

So, here’s the lesson – be aware of market innovations and do not live under the rock.

P.S. New job, too little time to sew, post and even read.