Auxiliary Versatile Remora Bag, AVR bag – prototype

Behold! Perhaps the longest my journey from idea to prototype, this bag was nearly completely developed in my mind more than two years ago. And due to my lazyness and other negative traits, it took a 4-5 months even to make a pre-alpha version.

In a few words, it is:
– an additional space;
– located outside the main backpack;
– easily and fast accessible.

Easily recognizable similarity with M3 medic bag is supplemented with concept of medical side pocket for Bergen backpack. Can also be mentioned Eagle AIII additional pockets.

So, assebled it looks like just a shoulder bag.

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Triangular pouch from one-piece pattern

Triangular pouch from one-piece pattern

Inspiration can be taken from nearly any source. Two impressions combined and sparked my imagination: triangular pencil-case of my kids and tutorial video seen lately on topic of simple flat pouch with one-piece construction. Let me be clear, I like promotion of DIY skills. But newcomers must be encouraged to evolve, to gain an advance. So even first pouch should be simple as easy, not simple as stupid.

My take on simple sewing projects – below.

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Firing shoulder kickoff, FSK, bag attachment pad

Using rifle with shoulder bag may be inconvenient because of opposition between distribution and disposition, i.e. weight distribution and shoulder strap with buttstock disposition. The contradiction is obvious, as operator want to counterpoise bag and rifle, in the same time to place differently buttstock and bag’s shoulder strap.


There is a method to put bag’s strap and bag itself on the same side of a body, just add an attachment pad on the shoulder strap. It consists of two pieces with different parts of fastex on them. Look at the sketch, the bag is simply put on the non-firing side of body, after that strap is crossing the body, every piece of attachment pad (front and rear) is on the another side of body (firing), then fastex is secured and now bag is in place but firing shoulder is clear.

Difference is obvious.

The point is to use shoulder bag and do not interfere with buttstock and sling.

Well, using rifle with shoulder bag is not frequent practice, but if needed, it can be done better.

Removable inner bag / pack organizer concept

Convenient organizers of all sorts are popular to keep items in order and protected. So you even can use them as iiner organizers – if you want to switch from one bag to another, or from bag to pockets. There is one little detail – if you store them into the bag, that’s the point of outer layer? Now take the old concept of “rat pack” and turn it inside out.


What we get? Panel with pockets and elastic straps. It can slip into your pocket or into the bags’ pockets and keep items in order. Bag or your clothing keeps them protected from elements and so on.

What’s the idea?

To hold items.

What’s the difference?

It is detachable / removable and permit shift between bags, packs, pockets.

Additional thought: user can not only adapt to any occasional bag and still take his belongings with him. User can evenly ditch his bag and stilll… you got the point.



Prototype here: Quick Readiness Organizer, removable inner bag / pack organizer, QRO – prototype