Little more about comms in Ukrainian civil war /

– APC’s radio rig worked well?

– Yes. But in the second vehicle something was wrong: they heard us, we cannot hear them. This problem was solved after a long period of time. /

– I understand the situation with communications between APCs. What about comms in global view?

– 3-4 km in the open with the use of chinese radios, all the rest of comms by cellular phone. It made me laugh. When we arrived, all bought SIM-cards. I’m calling support of MTS (Ukraine). They tell me:
– you are calling from third region
– oh, yes
– we have subscriber’s plan with all calls within Lugansk and Donetsk region for free
– sure, sign me. Any internet on it?
– yes, this much megabytes a day.
I called it – subscriber’s plan “Separatist”. Completely absurdic. I’m still shocked, why UAF can’t cope with separatists. One jammer – and game over. When MTS dropped service, with Kievstar still in use, about three days we really had no command. At morning arrived a runner by motorcycle, telling orders.

– You have no fear to use phones, in context of spotting [direction-finding]?

– No way without them, till the end of August they carried all command. Somebody said, that he called his mother in Russia, and after that got a mortar fire, but I consider that is not a phones’ fault.



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Politically inspirated post, unusual for my blog

Good day for you, jentlemen. I am Russian resident, nickname/callsign is Goblin. My writing caused by recent post in WRSA about our current political leader, V. Putin, where was statement about Putin as nationalist. I shall try to persuade you, that he is not.
One important thing to know before arguing. I consider USA as an enemy against Russian Federation, in political point. Just because one source of power can not be friend with another source of power. I do not consider Americans as natural enemies against Russians, i mean departments of states. But i never was a part of  “orange” opposition, Kasparov, Nemtsov, Navalny and others – they are West-driven liberals, willing traitors of my country.

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