Radio related translations

Last year(s) I made some translations from English to Russian. I strongly believe that these materials are important and educating, so here is the list in the original language.


Emergency comms

Redditnet Guide to Extreme EmComm by NS0S

Emcomm AAR by ARFCOMer Planemaker



Radio monitoring for the beginners

From the beginning: communications monitoring

On-scene tactical SIGINT

all by Sparks31 (link, mirror and another sources lost)



Radio Communication for Preppers

Personal Commo Quick Reference Guide


Little more about comms in Ukrainian civil war /

– APC’s radio rig worked well?

– Yes. But in the second vehicle something was wrong: they heard us, we cannot hear them. This problem was solved after a long period of time. /

– I understand the situation with communications between APCs. What about comms in global view?

– 3-4 km in the open with the use of chinese radios, all the rest of comms by cellular phone. It made me laugh. When we arrived, all bought SIM-cards. I’m calling support of MTS (Ukraine). They tell me:
– you are calling from third region
– oh, yes
– we have subscriber’s plan with all calls within Lugansk and Donetsk region for free
– sure, sign me. Any internet on it?
– yes, this much megabytes a day.
I called it – subscriber’s plan “Separatist”. Completely absurdic. I’m still shocked, why UAF can’t cope with separatists. One jammer – and game over. When MTS dropped service, with Kievstar still in use, about three days we really had no command. At morning arrived a runner by motorcycle, telling orders.

– You have no fear to use phones, in context of spotting [direction-finding]?

– No way without them, till the end of August they carried all command. Somebody said, that he called his mother in Russia, and after that got a mortar fire, but I consider that is not a phones’ fault.



More to read on the subject: Lessons From Ukraine via WRSA

Ignorance-34, this is Dumb**s-13, over

Nothing surprising, just one more testimony. Interview with separatist fighter.
Term “china-woods” is for “chinese kenwoods”, originally “kitaenwood”. /

– What was the availability of communication equipment?

– About every “three” [three-men team] had a radio. Radios were various, mainly “china-woods”. Not to say they were best, but fit their tasks. Now there are captured digital Motorolas, but with and old codeplugs. [Gugl mistakenly translates it as “firmware”, but it is definitely spoken about codeplugs – Goblin].

– There were military radios?

– In the spoken Lisichansk were ‘105th’ and ‘109th’. Near Debaltsevo this stations almost never used, we mainly worked with “china-woods”. Command level, and spotters had good army radios.

– You told, that during the fight on February 8 you listened to the enemy adjusting AGS [Soviet analogue of Mark 19] fire on you. That is, you had opponent frequency already pre-set?

– “Kenvods” have a dual watch function – one channel with our frequency, one with theirs. We did so: 1-2 men listen their freqs, the rest coming with our.

– Enemy ever jammed your comms?

– No.

– Did you use code words on the air?

– Comms were open, therefore near Debaltsevo the code table was made on the three A4 sheets. But, surely, not all used it.