Triangular pouch from one-piece pattern

Triangular pouch from one-piece pattern

Inspiration can be taken from nearly any source. Two impressions combined and sparked my imagination: triangular pencil-case of my kids and tutorial video seen lately on topic of simple flat pouch with one-piece construction. Let me be clear, I like promotion of DIY skills. But newcomers must be encouraged to evolve, to gain an advance. So even first pouch should be simple as easy, not simple as stupid.

My take on simple sewing projects – below.

Let’s draw and cut triangular bag with seam allowances.

Parts can be enumerated from top to bottom as 1, 2, 3 and 4. See, part 1 combined with 4 is equal to part 3.

First, prepare small details. Inner back side loop surface (bright green), front loop spot (olive green), DTMF attachments on back side for waist/shoulder straps.

Sew zipper in any way you like.

Make side seams (long) first, and top seams (short) after them.

Fabric edges can be burned with lighter, no extreme need to bind them with grosgrain ribbon. Suddenly bag is ready, time to turn it out.

Perhaps best usage for this bag/pouch is wearing it around waist or cross-body.

When you think and devise your very own pattern, it should be easier to draw full part 4, equal to part 3.

3 thoughts on “Triangular pouch from one-piece pattern

  1. Those of us who live in American states where MSR ownership is problematic, carry something that has no LBE accessories made for it, nor are there any local artisans who are making web gear for those who are packing, say a Marlin 336 in .30-30 Winchester. As a result, DIY becomes a necessity.

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    • Hello fellow signalist 🙂 Thank you a lot for your share. To be honest, my sewing is more hobby, an escape route from stress. But from time to time I see that the only way to make exactly what I want/need is to make it. Perhaps it is like some essential carpentry or locksmith in the rural home, that must be performed even the result is somewhat ugly 🙂


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