Dirt-cheap detachable chest rig

Dirt-cheap detachable chest rig

Compact chest rigs that integrate into the backpack’s straps are not new – D3CR+FlatPack from HSP (read – VOCR from EGL), Ventrapack from CivilianLab, to name a few. I’ve always wondered how pricey they are, noticing the small dimensions and overall amount of labor put into them.

Now, let’s make one for the price of pouches, set of Chinese-made rectangle carabiners and pair of soft snap-button PALs attachment clips.

Here are the carabiners used.

Take the pouches you chose and attach them side-by-side with no modular platform:

I took one IFAK pouch and two ammo/utility/shears ones:

After that, it’s time to set side-release buckles for upper attachment:

Sure, laces for lower attachment are not the best option, but it works so far (operating around the armchair).

Can be used seamlessly (as drop-in) with packs, which straps have side-release buckles for adjustment, as, for exaple, my AUX pack. Just disconnect the buckles on the straps and connect them to the obtained chest rig. Or can be used independently as stand-alone chest rig with four-point harnesses as UTC-L.

That solution is lighter than using a platform, less bulky and cost near to none.

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