Fancy chest rig with weight on sides – prototype

Test prototype for a velcro-based chestrig, distributing weight on sides, is ready, while quick-ditch buckles are not available for me.

I made (from leftovers) a base for a rig, more advanced than usual rapid-open buckle adapters for a plate carriers mentioned in concept post. Below: left side not assembled yet, right side assembled already.

Mesh pad become mandatory, to hold pieces together.


Center pouch will be ifak pouch, easily removable via hook&loop.


Due to lack of hardware, I had to make an adapter in place of buckles:

This adapter holds any pouch, in this example it will be phone pouch, but ammunition pouches are best to put their weight on sides.

Side buckles sit on a special adapter, shown below.

These adapters could be used with rapid-opening hardware available, instead of the ones attached to the sides of chestrig currently.

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