Chest rig/pack for radio with variable incline

Chest rig/pack for radio with variable incline

I’ve got inspiration from some eye-opening discussion on the “payess-book” about nine months ago. Enough time to incubate a prototype. Search-and-rescue equipment is very interesting topic and demanding challenge.

So the concept is:

– pouch for the radio is mounting directly on the rig, staying close to the body and bouncing less;

– mounting a radio in the pouch slanted, so antenna will not poke the eye;

– easy alterating the rig incline from left to right shoulder.

Here I show the screenshot that sparked the idea:

Shape for rig is hexagon, to assure similiar footprint in the left or right position.

Quick alterating is done with my favourite DTMF attachments.

Six PALs cells wide, rig allows to mount heavy portable radios (counterfeit copy of Eagle MBITR pouch shown) and smaller handy-talkies, along with sheaths, admin and first-aid pouches and whatever you want.

Rig can be worn with six-point harness, but four-point sure will be enough.

Below are shots with and without the backpack (AUX pack, to be precise).

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