High-visible universal beavertail for AUX pack

For outdoor activities “beaver tail”, or transport panel, is sure a must-have accessory for outdoor packs. I decided to make completely removable beavertail with mesh bucket placed entirely on the tail, i.e. not connected to the main pack.

13.7 cm between bottom straps, to be connected either to 4 or 5 PALs cells.

Interesting I’ve used only one pair of side attachments, previously planned to use both pairs.

Upper buckles are connected to the same soft hooks as shoulder straps do.

Mesh bucket sized to hold generic Russian army helmet, while the concept is civilian outdoor activities, hence high-visibility exterior.

Bucket is compressed with elastic cord, perhaps I’ll improve it a bit, later.

Strap length will be evaluated to be precise, no strap management for now.

Pocket goes to the bottom of a tail, inner edges are not binded, no lining. Not really care about this, maybe later, or not.

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