Padded detachable straps – AUX pack update

Padded detachable straps – AUX pack update

I am aware about opinion that only sew-in padded straps give real comfort and stability. To be honest, I like simple seatbelt straps very much and consider them comfortable. But just in case of, say, heavier than usual load, or anything else, full-scale straps are nice to have. Inspired with Vanquest Katara 16 (Javelin 18 also) design, I dared to develop my very own attachment, more sturdy and simple yet still convenient and versatile. And combining the advantages and drawbacks from both variants, he-he.

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Compact scalable all-round backpack – AUX pack

Several months I hesitated to make my dream pack for EDC and outdoor. But the time had come, and here is my very own concept – AUX pack.

Think about it as “military beavertail pack without beavertail” (Eagle Yote, Blackhawk Cyane). Tough, compact, able to be upgraded with beavertail and side pockets.

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One-piece soft clip for PALs attachment

It (five inches long) is compatible with specific PALs setup on the pouch – two-space-two, commonly found on Maxped pouches and some other manufacturers. See illustration:

one-piece soft pals clip

Though, the longer version (7 inches) will be compatible with another PALs stup on the pouch, never found on any pouch: two-space-one-space-two. I’ll make some for testing purposes in future.

Poor man’s substitute for quick attach tri-glide buckles and for G-hooks

Poor man’s substitute for quick attach tri-glide buckles and for G-hooks

Driven by the idea to save money and simplify logistics, I made a pair of concepts of dirt-cheap analogues of quick-attach ladderlock buckles.

The task is – to connect two webbing loops (for example, attach/detach compression straps on the backpack)

The solution – cord loops, locked with

1) carabiner

Poor man's substitute for quick attach tri-glide buckles and for G-hooks

2) the strap itself

dirt-cheap analogues of quick-attach ladderlock buckles

Firing shoulder kickoff, FSK, bag attachment pad

Using rifle with shoulder bag may be inconvenient because of opposition between distribution and disposition, i.e. weight distribution and shoulder strap with buttstock disposition. The contradiction is obvious, as operator want to counterpoise bag and rifle, in the same time to place differently buttstock and bag’s shoulder strap.


There is a method to put bag’s strap and bag itself on the same side of a body, just add an attachment pad on the shoulder strap. It consists of two pieces with different parts of fastex on them. Look at the sketch, the bag is simply put on the non-firing side of body, after that strap is crossing the body, every piece of attachment pad (front and rear) is on the another side of body (firing), then fastex is secured and now bag is in place but firing shoulder is clear.

Difference is obvious.

The point is to use shoulder bag and do not interfere with buttstock and sling.

Well, using rifle with shoulder bag is not frequent practice, but if needed, it can be done better.