Non-standard wide PALs

Sometimes I see modular platforms which include PALs loops wider than standard. It’s obviously GoRuck (1.9-2″ wide) and discontinued BOGear products (no info).

PALs GoRuck

I’ve always wondered if it is rational in terms of convenience. One day I tried to figure the most versatile PALs loop width with aim to attach any pouches centered – with even and odd number of loops on them.

Surprisingly, the needed width is 2,625″ – 1,75 times wide than standard 1,5″ wide PALs loop.

wide PALs non-standardShown on the picture is attachment of four PALs wide pouch (blue) and five loops wide (violet). Attachment of 2, 3 and 6 loops wide pouches is easily understandable. One-loop wide pouch can not be centered on this platform.

One large drawback is the necessity of narrow clips, because the width of marked gaps is hardly 1,1″, so usual clips made from folded 1″ wide webbing will be very hard to use.

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