Fancy chest rig with weight on sides – prototype

Test prototype for a velcro-based chestrig, distributing weight on sides, is ready, while quick-ditch buckles are not available for me.

I made (from leftovers) a base for a rig, more advanced than usual rapid-open buckle adapters for a plate carriers mentioned in concept post. Below: left side not assembled yet, right side assembled already.

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Micro/mini chest rig harness prototype UTC-L version 2

Tried X-straps and H-straps today, and I swear H is much more comfortable and flexible.

Significant part of prototype is silly stolen from Zulu Nylon Gear product – M4 Reduced Signature Chest Rig.

Please notice that prototype has some redundant connectors – because some parts were ready from previously made pieces and now were combined into new.

Thanks to that, central part of H-harness could be crearly visible, look at “butterfly” on the next photo.

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HEXrig (inclined radio chest rig) 5th and 6th harness points loaded

The rig I’ve posted previously can be worn with 4-point harnesses, using simple waist strap on the 5th and 6th points for more stabilization.

But these points can be utilized also as attachment points for pouches (and perhaps even gunbelts or warbelts, not tested it yet).

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Chest rig/pack for radio with variable incline

Chest rig/pack for radio with variable incline

I’ve got inspiration from some eye-opening discussion on the “payess-book” about nine months ago. Enough time to incubate a prototype. Search-and-rescue equipment is very interesting topic and demanding challenge.

So the concept is:

– pouch for the radio is mounting directly on the rig, staying close to the body and bouncing less;

– mounting a radio in the pouch slanted, so antenna will not poke the eye;

– easy alterating the rig incline from left to right shoulder.

Here I show the screenshot that sparked the idea:

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Chest rig modification concept – weight on sides

Let me speak from my heart. I have a dumb hobby (honestly; and not only that one) of making gear setups just imaginary, not making it real. Sometimes it is for learning purposes, frequently for geardo reasons, rarely to give an advice. Currently it is just that case.

Some regular guy need a load-bearing solution:
– compact to fit loaded in weapons’ safe
– distributing weight less front and more sides (sure, he is aware of PT importance)
– spacious enough to fit 2 or 4 AK 30-seat mags, trauma kit, radio, multitool, light, knife, gloves, weapon license

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Dirt-cheap detachable chest rig

Dirt-cheap detachable chest rig

Compact chest rigs that integrate into the backpack’s straps are not new – D3CR+FlatPack from HSP (read – VOCR from EGL), Ventrapack from CivilianLab, to name a few. I’ve always wondered how pricey they are, noticing the small dimensions and overall amount of labor put into them.

Now, let’s make one for the price of pouches, set of Chinese-made rectangle carabiners and pair of soft snap-button PALs attachment clips.

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Mini/ micro chest rig harness concept – Upper Torso Connection [light], UTC-L

Recently I met in the internet two concepts of chest rigs’ harnesses, which I can describe only as “borderline genius”. So I was jealous as a devil and can’t eat, sleep and surf the web peacefully – until I figured a new concept combining both.

The main problem with my wanna-make chest rigs is the number of attachment points – as these rigs are supposed to be light, they have only four attachment points, not six, as heavier rigs do. So with six points its easier to both keep chestrig high (with upper and upper-side points) and anchor it on the waist (with lower-side points). It is far more harder with only four points, oh, so sadly to know.

After long hours of intense -h-a-t-e- research, I decided to make upper points of four-point harness to work as traditional upper points on six-point harness, and lower points of four-point harness as both upper-side and lower-side points on six-point harness.

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Independent micro chest rig attachment with binoculars harness

Some micro chest rigs are capable to attach directly to backpacks’ straps with lilltle adapters. For example, Civilian Lab Ventrapack, 5.11 VTAC Chest Rig, Shellback Go Time Chest Rig, and others.

Speaking further about chest rigs attaching to backpack’s straps’, there is a temptation to attach them directly on user’s body AND drive straps throught the back, not using the neck strap. Only one obstacle is present – usual harnesses are made with four upper attachments for buckles, while those micro chest rigs have only two (some of them).

Now this is a solution – binoculars harness:

binocular harness micro chest rig attachment

It has two attachments for upper buckles, lower buckles are still used for strap belt.

What is the point ot using such a configuration? You can use chest rig on the go with loaded pack on your back, and use it solely then bearing light load. And harness never interfere with pack’s straps.


Update with derivative concepts:

Binoculars (chest rig) harness concept – Upper Torso Connection [binoculars], UTC-B

Mini/ micro chest rig harness concept – Upper Torso Connection [light], UTC-L