outdoor emergency survival sheath pouch

What are survival essentials? Meaning outdoor survival, or s.e.r.e., or escape-and-evade situation, name that.
Of course, that’s knife. Cut anything, make something, cook… wait. Cook?
Second essential is cup. To boil water, cook dish, forage something.

Copy (1) of seresheath

Any method to own both knife and cup – all-in-one? Are you kidding? Keep eyes open and meet SEREsheath.

Copy (2) of seresheath

Just insert knife from top and cup from bottom, ready. Oh, nearly forgot – in cup there is enough space for compass, firestarter, flashlight, water purufication tablets and so on.

Copy (3) of seresheath

What’s the idea?
Hold knife and cup both in one item.

What’s the superiority?
Hmm, it’s one item instead of two – sheath (knife) and pouch (cup).

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