Code tables using for the ignorant stupid lazy people

In the context of: radios use in Oregon standoff; 3% communications guru Sparks31 abdication; and Ncscouts’ Echoes of Chechnya inspiration.
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Recently have read an interview with volunteer (militiaman) who supported pro-Russian separatists on Ukrainian south-east territories known as Donbass. Politics aside, interesting notes on communications. Sorry for my poor transcription (even with gugl help).

– Comms were the problem?

– In our unit comms were very good. Nearly every fighter had radio, barely there was just no-go to the operations without them. 95% of personnel were provided with comms, surely.

– What’s the radios?

– I’m not expert in them. Were good, “Kenvods”. Were bad. TKF, i guess.

– That is, radios were household and had not a secure communication channel?

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