Greyman armor carrier – stolen ideas recombination

As political tensions are becoming more intense, I again and again find myself thinking about sneaky/concealed/covert/discreet/plain soft armor carrier for “family and recreational purposes”.

My considerations were pretty obvious:
– holding two soft armor panels (any proprietary cut I can acquire)
– non-suspicious outer image, maybe even disguised as warwear
– easy waist adjustment
– fast ditch, maybe not so important in civilian application, but welcome anyway
– easy recover from ditching
– somehow controversial feature – an opportunity to attach mini/micro chest rig
– ambiguous feature – an option to insert hard plates

armor, armour, carrier, greyman, concealed, covert

So, the borrowed ideas to add into future project:
– side details (cummerbund) – skeletonized PALs surface
– waist adjustment wich elastic cord, passing through PALs loops on the side details (see above)
– zipping/velcroeing on/off back panel, fully exposing the fast-release system (and fully covering it, along with adjustment system)

armor, armour, carrier, greyman, concealed, covert

Barely mine ideas:
– cable fast-release system – in my vision, with release cable passing through PALs loops
– chest-rig attachment somewhat hidden – maybe in the pockets on the chest, and somewhere on the side-back

armor, armour, carrier, greyman, concealed, covert

7 thoughts on “Greyman armor carrier – stolen ideas recombination

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    • Yes, definitely it’s a way to go, simply a pair of loops for G-hooks. Just pondered the variants – to attach only a front plate, or attach a front plate with chestrig, or choose outer vest with front and rear plates.

      But not sure if I really want to participate some civil war activities :-/ Maybe soft armor is enough.


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