Plate carrier with warbelt – weight distribution, spine support

This is only a draft idea, but can’t contain it. Many similiar solutions already exist – Crye’s StKSS, Mystery Ranch BASE, Virtus system element, BCB load carriage yoke, TYR’s X-frame, TUR Gear PkDLCS. My idea is to make a drop-in addition to any COTS plate carrier and barely any warbelt to add a new feature.

plate carrier war belt weight distribution spine support

Frame is installed into the PC in the way as danglers, hangers and lower asserory pouches are installed, and sits in the plate pocket. To the warbelt it can be connected via PALs or as drop-leg panels, with thw slots on the w.b., not sure, may be even both types for more stability.

Frame sits on the sides of warbelt, not on the back – for more freedom of movement.

2 thoughts on “Plate carrier with warbelt – weight distribution, spine support

  1. Did you see the Israeli Marom Dolphin’s T.P.P. system? It does this exact thing, transfers weight from your shoulders to your hips. Kind of an ingenious system, where their battle belt supports the plate carrier from the back and it can even be used for large packs, which is their Fusion system.

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    • Hello! Sure, I’ve seen MD’s Fusion system. But – as I’ve figured, one-point rest on battle belt is a bottleneck in such designs. And the lack of success of a predecessors of Fusion – I mean TYR Tactical’s one, MOLLE 1 and even prevously Modular Load System (forerunner to MOLLE) – leads to thought that there is something better than 1-hole bracket. Certainly it has its place on the shelves, but not as aftermarket upgrade solution which I tried (still trying) to develop.


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