Binoculars (chest rig) harness concept – Upper Torso Connection [binoculars], UTC-B

Binoculars (chest rig) harness concept – Upper Torso Connection [binoculars], UTC-B

With all benefits of existing binocular harnesses (which also offer a good method of attaching mini/micro chest rigs), there are some disadvantages in their design.

Its straps become twisted – see picture below.

binoculars harness on body

The whole system offers a limited ability to raise/lower attached item, either a binoculars or chest rig.

To improve listed above, we need to re-design the whole harness and change the attachment method. The existing figure-of-eight layout form is very advantageous, so it will be kept for future.

To force straps to lay flat, we will add a side detail, platform with D-ring for lower straps (while upper straps are sewn directly to platform).

Very easy to make a prototype, but I’m still too lazy to do it. Just some photos of pre-pre-proto-prototype several years old, see below.harness prototypeharness prototype

4 thoughts on “Binoculars (chest rig) harness concept – Upper Torso Connection [binoculars], UTC-B

  1. The micro harness is amazing. It can be used as a UTC for binocular as you shown in your post or it also can be used in different ways like for supporting Micro Chest Rig, to carry a radio, a gun holster etc. It is very useful equipment.


    • Thank you for the positive comment, sorry for delayed reply 🙂

      I also spot the link you attached with your _Nick_ – supposedly UTC-L will be more compatible with TT mini-MAV. Even more stability can be achieved with separate waist strap for lower attachment points and UTC-L for upper and medium attachment points.


  2. Im Freddy Osuna (Greenside Training) the guy in the first photo. Love your concept. How do I get my hands on one? I teach advanced optics employment and my students would be very interested.


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