Mini/ micro chest rig harness concept – Upper Torso Connection [light], UTC-L

Recently I met in the internet two concepts of chest rigs’ harnesses, which I can describe only as “borderline genius”. So I was jealous as a devil and can’t eat, sleep and surf the web peacefully – until I figured a new concept combining both.

The main problem with my wanna-make chest rigs is the number of attachment points – as these rigs are supposed to be light, they have only four attachment points, not six, as heavier rigs do. So with six points its easier to both keep chestrig high (with upper and upper-side points) and anchor it on the waist (with lower-side points). It is far more harder with only four points, oh, so sadly to know.

After long hours of intense -h-a-t-e- research, I decided to make upper points of four-point harness to work as traditional upper points on six-point harness, and lower points of four-point harness as both upper-side and lower-side points on six-point harness.

UTC-L mini chest rig harness

To make it possible, one of straps must connect to the lower attachment point with somewhat unusual attachment adapter. As usual. I love attachment adapters badly.

Assembling the complete rig is conducted in the following order (assuming that all adjustments are already done):
– attach both straps to the upper attachment points
– run short strap (connected to the secret know-how attachment adapter) through the loop on long strap
– put the rig on user’s (operator’s) neck
– clip the short strap with the secret know-how attachment adapter to the corresponding lower attachment point
– clip the long strap to the corresponding lower attachment point in the middle
– clip the end of the long strap to the secret know-how attachment adapter
– feel the power of tacticoolness.

– keeping the rig in the desired position on the body, preventing it from shuffling
– easy full disconnecting for ditching the rig
– no buckles on the back to interfere with backpack
– no excess webbing.

– not tested yet.

For reference: / /

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