Poor man’s spanish tab

Poor man’s spanish tab

Some busy time, so no new gear, but I want to share my old piece.

spanish tab
There’s a term in Russian pronounced ‘kolkhoz’ – it means rustical style, outdated, simple, kind of silly and rude, but workable. Following is not exactly ‘poor man’s spanish clip’, it’s ‘kolkhoz style spanish clip’.

Well, assume we have no access to brand details, but still want to make a pouch with silent opening/closure. We take only one metal or plastic detail – the frame buckle, and the ”tongue” and outer buckle will be made of strap. I used strap 2 cm wide. Sew it through many times, to make it more rigid.

spanish tab

spanish tab

Outer buckle is made of two layers, ”tongue” in marked red part is three layers, marked blue part is two layers, non-marked part is one layer.

spanish tab

It is not best solution for sell, but decent for self.

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