Angled PALs adapter… er, attachment prototype

Well, angled adapter requires much more materials and work, than it seemes from perfunctory view. It must include internal stiffener (plastic piece), and frontal and rear sides must be glued together, not only sewn align the perimeter. So it will be finished later (read – nearly never).

As my primary object was portable radio with protruding antenna, trying to poke owner’s eye, first prototype is radio pouch.

angled PALs attachment radio pouch

Pouch has a flap, which is not necessary, but it has not – yet – a fastener for this flap.

Flap is attached to pouch with five ribbons. antenna can be put between them.

angled PALs attachment radio pouch

Note the frequency on the screen, kekeke.

Now to the point – modular attachment is angled and consists of two columns. But it require more space on the platform, than two columns, it is about four columns.

angled PALs attachment radio pouch

Pouch need to be connected with a platform with two short clips.

angled PALs attachment radio pouch

On the photo above you can easily spot the “clips” used – two ball-pens. For a purpose of snapshot they work, however. Flap is tucked into pouch.

Modular attachment on the pouch is designed with less angle than conceived before. It is more visual on the next photo:

angled PALs attachment radio pouch

Ribs of the pouch are marked with chalk lines, and the PALs row in the middle covers not only the read side but expands to the lateral sides. It will be even more obvious with grafical explanation below.

angled PALs attachment

Note the blue triangles, the difference from previous version. Angle of the previous is about 40 degrees, and new version is about 35 degrees.

P.S. Just if you want to know: the background on some photos above is EMR-winter, new Russian arctic camo pattern, same structure as digital “EMR” on the pouch’s flap (E – uniform M – camouflage R – pattern), but different colours.

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