Angled PALs adapter – work in (slow) progress

Making a pouch in the previously posted concept of angled modular platform, went through intermediate stage:

angled PALs adapter stencil-plate

It works. But making is real PITA, even with really sharp knife. Need steel ruler.

12 thoughts on “Angled PALs adapter – work in (slow) progress

  1. You mentioned looking for a 45 deg Molle panel…

    They have a 90 also.

    I like this piece of Kit linked below. I think it would make a great pack setup. Force me to pare my possibles down to the minimum. You could get really creative and organized. A pouch for every occasion so to say. Take some trial and error to find the best arrangement of pouches and mounting gear. For 67 bucks, it is a pretty good deal. Have some Titanium tube and plate, thinking of fabricating up and welding a Ti frame, save a little weight that way, add a couple of improvements and attachment points for other gear, like a big bush knife or 12 gauge backup weapon. Canteen mounts, Could do almost anything. I like the Alice pack if it doesn’t get too heavy. Have the TT Alice upgrade kidney belt and shoulder straps, they provide pretty decent comfort:
    Alice Frame Modular Panel


    • Thank you very much for the link! I remembered some kind of adapter seen before, but can’t remember exactly.
      Anyway, this work will be finished. For now, trying to design adapter with angle less than 90, but still normally standing on the standard PALs grid.


  2. That’s funny, I thought the same thing, now where did I see that darn adapter? Had to check a few sites.
    Ya man, a custom angle, or adjustable adapter, is a piece I would find useful too. Get your sidearm just right, or a blade. A possibles pouch with the essential items, easy to get to in the dark.

    Scope out this video, in it you can see a split Molle slot on a Kydex holster. The Kydex is stiff enough to stay attached to your Molle strips, but by flexing the tabs you can R&R the holster quickly without messing with straps. (Its all about that attachment point, it limits you because there’s only one axis on standard MOLLE real-estate. When you have to get everything you can on your LBE as a partisan, it gets frustrating. Your idea brings another dimension to arranging kit.)
    Go one step further, you could fabricate a Kydex plate with these slotted keepers, and on the plate you could mount anything you want, at any position, or you could used slots with thru fasteners like a Chicago screw/nut assembly for leather work, the kind with big flat heads with penny wide slots, and once you have you rig mounted, you could loosen the screws and fine tune everything. You could make the plate any shape you like long as the slots line up. Could even bend the Kydex to conform to you body to make it fit better.
    They sell the split molle slot as a holster option in the drop done menu, as “Blade Tech MOLLE Loxs” had nice pics of how it functioned, but they isn’t on the page anymore.

    Link here:


    • Heh, just after your comment I recalled – once upon a time where was a platform with circular velcro surface and ability to adopt any needed angle. Still can’t remember the manufacturer, however. And can’t accept the disadvantage of weak retention with velcro.

      Experimented today, gradually moving from the concept of fixed-angle adapter as is – to a concept of angled modular attachment. New prototype to be posted slightly later 🙂


      • Cool beans. I hope it works.
        I do a little blade smithing. Have a “Camp Knife” forge out of 01 tool steel, 18 inches long, 1/4 inch thick, 2.5 inches wide. It is a great hatchet, short sword, and general purpose knife. Been thinking for awhile how to rig it at an angle under my left arm, above my ammo pouches, but not so it interferes with my carbine while I’m traversing through the bush.
        There just isn’t enough real-estate around ones waist, and it is not the best location for everything either. I think too, when your not a component of big green and its just in time supply and support, you got to develop unique and different ways to carry what you need, because what you got is all you got if you don’t have ready access to caches and support.
        It is those little things which add up to a lot.


  3. Sure, I’ll take a pic of the knife and post it here if OK with you?

    I have big knife rigged on a MOLLE 1 US surplus load bearing vest now. I don’t like it there. Takes up magazine pouch and canteen space.

    Thinking about rigging up a first line light weight battle belt, like one of these:
    You can order each monday mourning, many color and material options on mondays. Looks very rugged, nicely crafted, and minimalist.

    Thinking above belt, big knife, canteen, basic survival equipment pouch, a couple carbine magazines, Maybe 22 caliber pistol and extra magazines. So no matter what I always have bare necessities plus basic weapons. I would rather have big knife over a pistol. Big knife you can do many things with. I’ve had this big knife for 32 years, goes everywhere with me like compass and fire making kit, even short walk in woods or fishing in stream.
    Maybe have your angle adapter for medium size knife mounted on vest. Can’t have too many knives.


  4. What are you using for first line?

    I like:
    Compass (military grade with Tritium dial)
    Fire Starter (magnesium block with flint)
    Small Pen Light (with Lithium Battery, Low Power, 150 Hour Run Time)
    Small Knife Sharpening Stone
    2 Fixed Blade Knives (Big Knife, smaller with 4 inch blade)
    1 Quart Military Canteen and Stainless Steel Canteen Cup
    Parachute Cord
    Shawyer Water Filter (small)
    Pouch of Peanut Butter
    (Above is first first line. Knife, fire starter, length of para cord with fish hooks, light and compass always carry. Last 4 always hang around my neck on parachute cord)

    (Hopefully have below if possible)
    More Parachute Cord
    Wrist Compass
    Camo US Military Poncho (2 if possible)
    22 Cal Pistol, 100 rounds, Extra Magazine
    1 Each Salt and Sugar (for curing fish and meat)
    Butane Lighters
    6 small Game and 1 Deer size Thompson Locking Cable Snares (minimum number)
    Small Connibear Traps, (small square traps for Muskrat size animal, fold flat, very effective, can even catch fish, fit in pants cargo pockets)
    Fishing Line and Hooks
    Small Shovel


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