Tacticool checklist

Compiled just for fun; to be updated.

Checklist below describes not an issued gear for a certain MOS, but “common/generic warfighting” equipment, to say, mercenary/contractor from “first world” country, armed with carbine and handgun, for the summer or transition season, for a task full day (or more) length.
List is intentionally redundant and allows duplications – final choice is up to end user.
List contains as much fancy and tacticool stuff as possible.

tacticool cheburashka

part 1 – clothing and accessories

uniform (trousers and shirt/ fleece/ softshell)
underpants, t-shirt, socks
boonie hat with paracord daisy chain or baseball cap with velcro, “cat (wolf) eyes”
buff or net scarf, or bandanna/cravat/Do-Rag, or shemagh
riggers belt, belt keepers
dog tags
wrist band
paracord bracelet
zipper runner with handcuff key
waterproof wallet

part 2 – equipment

upper arm band for mobile phone, ID’s and so on
lower arm band for map, memo’s, POI cards and so on
admin/map kneeboard
load bearing gear suitable to pair with backpack, magazine and grenade pouches, FASTMag’s/ MC-R/ OPFOR magazine carriers, dump pouch, ‘loop anywhere’

molle belt, low-profile suspenders
waist pack/ bag
admin pouch
TQ holder
measure tape
pens, pencils, markers, protractor – in the admin
– designative
– ID
– rank, unit, specialty
– blood, allergy
– NIR and reflective (incl. helmet)
– morale
– with survival kit inside
– with batteries inside
– protective cover
– ID
– casualty card (FAK or admin)
– range cards
– map
– notebook
– radio data
– checklists
– pocket handbooks, aid memoirs
– POI data
knife/ bayonet sheath with lanyard (dummy cord)
primary weapon kit:
– rifle case
– cleaning kit, patches, oil spray
– cleaning mat
– combo tool
– Redi-mag
– maglink
– buttstock pouch (for GPS, ammo, TQ, survival kit etc.)
– elastic band for cables and buttons retaining
– sling
– grip insert
– weapon catch
– camouflaging kit
– extractor
– bipod
– picatinny rail extenders
– front grip
– main grip
– buttstock
– rear buttstock pad
– buttstock cheek extender
– QD swivels
– laser, IR marker
– BUIS, tritium upgrade
– sights – optic, night, red dot, magnifier, covers, attachments
– weapon light with remote button
– rear bag/ bean bag/ rifle rest bag
secondary weapon kit:
– holster
– lanyard
– red dot sight
– replacement grips
– elastic band for cables and buttons retaining
– laser
– weapon light
torchlight, with cap attachment
helmet light
strobe light
zipper runner with tritium insert – in admin
individual armor with or without LBE and backpack attachments
helmet with attachments for NVD, light etc., cover, bungee, NIR patches, signal panel piece, nametape, counterweight with batteries
grimlocks, web-dominators
ranger pace counter
watch, camo band, wrist compass
binoculars, monocular, NVD, NVD magnifier, IR light, termal vision device, pouches for them
GPS device in pouche (on LBE, on wrist, on buttstock, in admin, on the neck cord), pocket compass
radio in pouch, cables, PTT, mic, antenna relocation kit
active eye-pro, headband wrap
earmuffs on retractor
sunglasses, protective pouch
– anti-fog
– wrap
shooting gloves, rapelling gloves, work gloves
knee and elbow pads, elastic loops for attachment
mosquito netting
mosquito repellant
lip balm, windscreen, sunscreen, foot powder
tissues, wipes, antiseptic gel
first aid kit/ trauma kit/ blow-out kit in separate pouch, trauma shears, TQ, cravat
owie (boo-boo) kit in separate pouch
flask (plastic bottle), pouch, cup
– rain cover
– beavertail
– gunbearer
– ratpack(s)
– insert for larger items
– straps for outer attachments
– floating buoy for after-drowning pack search
– drybag
– hydrator, camo cover for drinking tube
– water, electrolytes powder
– food, snacks, alcohol
– cup, pot, utensils, P-38 or P-51
– stove, fuel, windshield
– reserve batteries for all available equipment
– replacement antenna for radio, reserve battery pack (charged)
– infusion kit
– rainwear (poncho), waterproof socks
– camo kit (ghillie hood), a piece of camo net
– snivel gear, watchcap, fleece gloves, insulation socks, reserve socks, reserve insoles, balaclava
– civilian clothing kit
– nitrile heavy-duty work gloves
– 25 meters of rapelling cord, 2 carabiners
– seating pad
– tools, WD-40, scissors, sharpener, adhesive tape
multitool in its pouch
folding knife
mini-prybar with lanyard
hook kinife/ strap cutter
lockpicks set
dummy cords, retractors
matches, lighter etc.
signal panel, whistle, signal mirror, space blanket

{ mission specific gear: dust respirator, gasmask, overshoes for silent movement, gaiters, chain or folding saw, bolt cutter, metal detector, shovel, litter, prybar, EOD gear, throwing hook, camera, rangefinder, weather station, trash bags, freeser/ zip-lock bags, flagging tape etc. }

overnight mission:
– water filter, purification pills
– powerbank with cables, auto charger
– mobile phone, reserve battery pack, pre-paid cards
– light shoes
– reserve clothing kit, underwear, socks – in drybag
– ground pad, ground sheet, sleeping bag, hammock
– tarp, bivi bag, mosquito tent
– chemical warmers
– toiletry lit, towel
– thermos

part 3 – armament

primary weapon
– barrel device
– silencer
– inner tuning
– recoil buffer
– cartriges in magazines, with mag-pools
– fast-loader
– parts kit
secondary weapon
– cartriges in magazines
– cover with red-dot sight
– parts kit
grenades – fragmentation, incendiary, flash, smoke
pen flares
mines and explosives



Same list in Russian: http://lastday.club/tacticool-checklist/



velcro blanking panels – заглушки на липучку
silencer cover – чехол на глушитель
mirage shield – противомиражная лента
ziplocks, dry bags – средства герметизации снаряжения – зиплоки, драйбэги и пр.
helmet net – сетка на каску
Hidesight add-on device for RDS and holosights – приставка к коллиматору для стрельбы из-за угла
foot powder – тальк для ног
boot brush, cloth brush – щётка для обуви, для одежды
thermal wristovers – утеплитель-напульсники
evac strap – эвакуационная петля или лента в подсумке
mag clip – крючок на магазин для подвеса его на карман и пр.
Manta/Hel-Star strobe – нашлемный стробоскоп
Distress Marker – ИК-стробоскоп
S&S Precision V-LITE – световой маркер
guide buckles on PALs for hydrator tube and radio cable – пряжки на PALs для крепления питьевой трубки, провода радиогарнитуры
Weaponlink – приспособа для фиксации оружия на зацеп
iPhone Night Vision Case – ПНВ-приставка к яблокофону

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