Frontal access into the DSP, Diversificated Storage Pack

No less important than the whole concept of DSP, fast and secure entrance to the lower compartment is a necessary piece.

DSP lower entrance closed

My initial thought was a design similiar to post envelope, but dreams come into reality slightly modified.

Now frontal access entrance expands as… hmm, let me think a couple of minutes, as a candy wrapper. That is the nearest parallel I can imagine.

DSP lower entrance opened 1

DSP lower entrance opened 2

DSP lower entrance opened 3

Entrance is not as wide as pack, but it still allows pulling out things which are not as wide as full pack width. I plan storing here two pouches in a row, then pack is configured in two compartments mode. For example, medical kit (assuming personal FAK is in another place) and tool kit. Currently pack is used in one compartment mode, in my everyday trips to work and back. You can see the black background – it is internal divider.

I’m afraid that concept is not shown clearly enough, but currently it is all I can suggest. Thanks for watching, anyway.

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