DIY pocket reference book

So, you want some info to be with you all the time. Frequency data, range estimating, weather prediction, medical protocols, conversion tables and similiar. You can write it down manually into the notebook (and it is advantageously – you memorize it while writing), you can make your very own pocket sized reference handbook.

pocket reference book

Format described will be 1/4 of common A4 sheet – A6. Total number of pages SHOULD be a multiple of eight. I.e. it MUST be divisible by eight. Entirely. Sorry for my English speech, i’m trying to describe it clear and loud.

First, create a document – i recommend open source .odt, not proprietary .doc & .docx.

Edit page properties to be half height or less of A4 and half width or less of A4.

Edit document with your info. Everyday references, first aid, hand signals, anything you want.

Now … know-how! To make structured brochure, you dispose pages in certain order before printing.

pocket reference handbook diy manual how-to

Shown above is example with total score of eight pages. I tried to make it  graphically clear as possible. Upper row is external couple of sheets, lower row is internal couple of sheets. So enumeration is made accordingly.

In the printing dialogue enter the page order, front side first, reverse side later. Upper row first, lower row later. For eight-page layout the order is: 8,1,6,3,2,7,4,5 (see above picture). Choose the option with four pages on the sheet.

More pages?


Before hardcopy printing it is better to make intermediate .pdf – to see what is good and what can be improved.

I already made several books, example below. It is in Russian, dedicated to licence-free radios. You can easily recognize Latin abbreviations.



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