Politically inspirated post, unusual for my blog

Good day for you, jentlemen. I am Russian resident, nickname/callsign is Goblin. My writing caused by recent post in WRSA about our current political leader, V. Putin, where was statement about Putin as nationalist. I shall try to persuade you, that he is not.
One important thing to know before arguing. I consider USA as an enemy against Russian Federation, in political point. Just because one source of power can not be friend with another source of power. I do not consider Americans as natural enemies against Russians, i mean departments of states. But i never was a part of  “orange” opposition, Kasparov, Nemtsov, Navalny and others – they are West-driven liberals, willing traitors of my country.

The exact sense of being nationalist is to defend and make benefits to the own nation, in certain ethnic or the whole government point. Russian Federation consists of about 180 nationalities, with namely Russians about 77-80 percent.
How did Putin handle ethnic Russians within his presidentship?
population census 2002 – 115 889 107
population census 2010 – 111 016 896
How it was in social relation? Well, it is too biased, you just have to take my word. If Russian is attacked by swart-skinned migrant, it is considered as usual crime, if swarth-skinned is attacked by Russian, it is considered as extremism, nazism, and so on. Do you suppose i am a jingo? Yes, definitely i am, since 2006, then ethnic conflicts arise over European Russia. You can easily recheck my words by typing “anti-extremist laws pitin nationalism” in search engine. Well, this laws are also directed against Muslim fanatics, but work very nice against Russians (not nazis of any kind, just got into a scrape of some kind, streetfight with impudent migrants).
How it was cultural? Russian Academy of Sciences being reformated, read this as “destroyed”. Educational cycle degrades with introducing “Unitary State Exam”.
Lets speak about how Putin handled the Russian Federation – economics. Ok, we see GNP growth near 150% compared 2000-2014. But it is strictly correlated with oil price ( picture below – blue line GNP, red line oil price). I personally looked the destruction of machine tool factory in Lipetsk and its replacement by shopping mall. Shopping mall instead of machine tool factory, Carl! Buy Chinese stuff and abandon your own machinery building! So we moved to emotions, why the hell Russia buy USA obligations? Why our insurance fund is in dollars? How it can be patriotic, or at least common sense?
Динамика ВВП и цен на нефть (c) voprosik.net

Динамика ВВП и цен на нефть (c) voprosik.net

We often hear the argument – allegedly Putin is better than Yeltsin, he goes another way. Wait. Yeltsin made Putin prime-minister. Yeltsin appointed him acting President. They are a clansmen of the same clan, they protect interests of the same oligarchs. They say – Putin made reforms, re-structured state, economics and army. But if you didn’t know – reforms never can be held in a moment. It takes years to reshape big systems, and this work was started by Pitin predecessor, Primakov.
Why do you, my american conversationalists, take Putin as leader, preferable to Obama? I assume it’s media effect. The image of the enemy is necessary to rule own country – so media draw it. It is scary, energetic and dangerous. Ironically, you want to see your leader to be energetic and dangerous. Me too, obviously – but i know it’s not about Putin.
A pair of words about situation along Ukraine. It’s a real PITA for me personally, because i have friends and relatives on the both sides of frontier. And even on both sides of frontline. Well, USA department of state worked hard to set the Ukrainians against the Russians – and succeded. Five billions spent on the Maidan. Years after, the central Ukrainians start to hate another Ukrainians – in Crimea and South-East, just because they are close to Russia by language, culture and motives. It’s not the evil eyed dwarf Putin who steal Crimea – it’s stupid Ukrainian xenophobes who pushed and lost Crimea. So in South-East, in Donbass – the gap formed between residents of the two areas long before the war. Now Ukrainians can not believe that the inhabitants of the South-East by themselves oppose the Ukrainian army, and they say that in Ukraine are fighting not militia, but Russian army. Well, i’m sure, there is a significant support of Donbass militia by Russian govt, but not a Russian army. It would be much more evidence and the difference in the fighting results. Sorry but it is again a loss, not theft.
Thanks Concerned American for question, it it was an interesting exercise – to prove my viewpoint step by step, check myrself.
Best regards

7 thoughts on “Politically inspirated post, unusual for my blog

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  2. Goblin,

    The difference is we don’t see Putin importing Chechnians to come vote in Russian elections. Yet my president is openly not defending the US border.


  3. The fighting results is what I look at it Ukraine (I also have friends there, but would be concerned regardless.) It was reported here that the Russian Army admitted that they are paying death benefits for 10,000 soldiers in the Ukraine operation in the Army’s budget. (We assumed it was a mistake that they said it aloud, but true.)

    I can see many ways to decode this.

    If the number is real (10K really died) then this indicates that there was much more than significant help — it was an actual invasion. America likes to think of Russian soldiers as “cannon fodder”, but not even Russian generals can abide losing 10% of their force, so that would mean that much more than 100,000 Russian regulars were in Ukraine.

    Another possibility is that the number is fake, but for domestic russian reasons. I would not be surprised to find out that some general took the money and put it in his own pocket, but the false numbers he put in the ledger got out.

    The last possibility I see is that the number is disinformation, but I don’t see how there is any advantage to Russia in allowing us to think that 10K Russian soldiers died in Ukraine.


    • Well, my personal view on this topis is – there’s many Russian
      military advisers on Ukraine, many contractors of _various_ sorts, but
      not regular army. _If_ there were regular Russian forces on Donbass,
      it would much more clear on satellite captures, in the POW appearing,
      in material evidences. Simply there is no way to hide regular forces –
      but only thing we see is many fakes.

      About reports my comment is – not mistake but stupidity, which is more
      common among militaries.


  4. Goblin,
    Why is Putin better than Obama? Putin wants a strong, prosperous Russia. Obama wants a weak, poor US. Obama wants to punish the US for past evil deeds, real and imagined.
    I’m not entirely convinced that Putin is not a patriot. If you say: “First he wants to help himself and his oligarch friends,second he wants to help Russia and Russians.” That I would believe. Putin’s wealth is estimated to be as much as $40-$200 billion. Political influence and arm twisting pays well when one steals a nation’s natural resources.
    Why are Russian retirement accounts in dollars? Dollars are accepted (for now) internationally. With the turmoil of the 90s such a recent memory it is probably wise.
    Why does Russia buy US debt? Originally the reason may have been as an “investment” but now? It is a powerful weapon in Putin’s arsenal. Best attribute of this weapon? No nasty radioactivity! (See 2014 movie Jack Ryan:Shadow Recruit)
    At WRSA we are concerned with personal freedom and liberty. Most of us believe that “government” is force and coercion and therefore immoral. We want as little of it in our lives as possible. We want to be able to succeed or fail based on our own hard work and not be taxed (punished) to soothe others laziness or failure. Is Putin better than Obama in this regard? Probably not. What say you?


    • Hi man.
      Well, i definitely can not agree with your formulations (// Putin wants a strong, prosperous Russia // + // second he wants to help Russia and Russians //). Putin wants a profitable, lucrative Russia (for him and his friends). If it is achieved by selling oil – he sells oil. If it is achieved by destroying industry – he destroys industry. If there is profit in lowering standard of living – well, you got the point. For example, Syrian involvement – do you really think it is for the strong Russia? Maybe it is for oil prices?
      How can you tell Obama wants weak USA with all force using in the East? 😉

      About dollars. Hmm. Dollars accepted worldwide by consumer market, but in really big sums everybody takes care about source of currency , if it is ensured by gold or other resources, if it can be converted (liquidity), if it subject to inflation. Entirely no sense in storage of Russian goverment money in dollars – needless to say, in terms of patriotism, nationalism and so on.

      Speaking about freedom and liberty, i’m fascinated by the fact you note them separately. It exactly matches my own thoughts on this topic. Here in Russia we got “wild capitalism” with false sense of freedom and very limited liberty. I can not compare it with any other country, but it is not a free market nor an equal capabilities. I am not here to say all is bad in Russia, i speak about nowadays authorities and their influence.

      Sorry for delay, daily life is intense.


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