Beaver tail / transporter tail – back pack upgrade

It’s very easy to add transport flap to pack – just sew two attachment points on the bottom and clip the flap. But there is a method to make it without modding pack. A special flap is needed though. And pack with PALs on lower front. And some patience.


4 thoughts on “Beaver tail / transporter tail – back pack upgrade

  1. That flap is a awesome idea. Make a fantastic quick access method of carrying your bed roll, a jacket, poncho/liner, an extra rocket, firewood, extra ammo, bag of food, almost anything the flap can contain. I’d go with three straps that can be cinched tight against the main bag. Would add only a tiny amount of weight and expand your packs capability. No having to go into your main compartment to take something out and having to rearrange your contents.
    Be very easy to make one to fit an ALICE pack. used strips of high density plastic and some large diameter flat head stews/nuts to attach the flap and straps.

    Would it be OK with you if I use your idea?


    • Of course, you can use m concept, i’m very happy to hear about your interest.
      The idea comes from such packs as TAD FAST and Eagle Yote – but respectively to packs as Eagle A3 and GoRuck. Middle ground, to say.


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